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Allwell Psychology



Allwell Psychology aims to provide holistic care for people who are experiencing psychological distress, emotional difficulties, and those who believe they need assistance to get their life back on track.


Some clients are referred through their general practitioner or psychiatrist following an assessment of their mental health.


For example:

  • depression and/or anxiety,

  • or anxiety disorders such as Panic, OCD, Hoarding, Phobia, Social Anxiety, Body Dismorphia or Disordered Eating

  • PTSD - stress and trauma,

  • grief and bereavement,

  • relationship problems,

  • behavioural and substance addictions,

  • personality disorders.


For some clients, the awareness that accessing psychological therapies will help them to address some of the difficulties they are currently experiencing in every day life leads them to seek counselling.


But you don't need to have a mental health issue or significant distress to benefit from seeing a psychologist. It may be that you would like to learn more about yourself, and develop a deeper understanding of how you can maintain a meaningful and fulfilling life.

PLEASE NOTE: Allwell Psychology does not offer support in legal matters; including court attendance or preparation of reports for court matters. If you have a current or impending court matter, please indicate this when you make your enquiry for therapy.

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